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Resident Evil 2 (pre-owned)

Resident Evil 2 (pre-owned)

SKU: 120515-12
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Looking for a thrilling, heart-pounding gaming experience? Look no further than the pre-owned Resident Evil 2 remake. This critically acclaimed game takes you back to the iconic Raccoon City, where you'll face off against hordes of terrifying zombies and other relentless monsters. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, this remake brings new life to the beloved classic. Experience the terror all over again with this pre-owned copy of Resident Evil 2, available now at a discounted price. Don't miss your chance to dive back into the world of survival horror and see if you have what it takes to escape Raccoon City alive.

To order this item please call/text 705-536-3366 and we can send you e-transfer instructions!

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