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Resident Evil Survivor complete with manual (pre-owned)

Resident Evil Survivor complete with manual (pre-owned)

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**Step Into Fear's Playground - Resident Evil Survivor Awaits!**


Brave soul, heed the call to survival horror greatness with **Resident Evil Survivor** on PlayStation 1!

As a lone survivor, you'll navigate through spine-chilling environments and confront grotesque abominations in a battle for your very existence.


 **Why Choose Resident Evil Survivor?**


 **Rare and Coveted**: Embark on a quest for one of gaming's rarest treasures! **Resident Evil Survivor** is a coveted gem, sought-after by collectors and horror aficionados worldwide. Secure your piece of gaming history today!


 **Heart-Pounding Action**: Feel the rush of adrenaline as you face off against relentless foes. Engage in intense shootouts and unravel the mysteries lurking within the shadows of the infamous Resident Evil universe.


**Immersive Horror**: Immerse yourself in a world where every creak and moan sends shivers down your spine. The haunting soundtrack and atmospheric visuals create an unparalleled sense of dread and suspense.


 **Classic PlayStation Thrills**: Relive the golden age of survival horror with classic PS1 gameplay. Solve intricate puzzles, manage your resources wisely, and strategize your way through a nightmare you won't soon forget.


**Embrace the Horror - Dive Into Resident Evil Survivor Today!**


    The disc, art, and manual are in good condition. However the physcial case does have some scratches and cracks.

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