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Ghost Whisperer, complete series, front cover

Ghost Whisperer: The Complete Series (pre-owned)

SKU: 137368-4
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From the box:

"Step beyond the ordinary"


"Every soul has something to say, and no one knows this better than Melinda Gordon. Melinda inherited a unique gift from her grandmother: the ability to communicate with the spirits of people who have died, but who have unfinished business with the living. Over five moving seasons, Melinda navigates between this life and the next one, with help from her husband Jim, and devoted friends Delia, Andrea, and Eli. A near death experience has also left Eli with the ability to hear ghosts. In this complete series, 29 disc set containing all 107 episodes, Melinda meets a world of lost souls with messages for those they love. And she vows that she won't rest in peace until they do." 

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